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Freight Quotes, Freight Rates
  • Why partial truckload shipping services?

    LTL Freight Rates
    Everyday across America semi trucks with flatbed trailers, dry van trailers, and any other of the numerous types freight and equipment transporting specialized trailers travel highways, interstates, city streets and rural roads to deliver millions of pounds of freight daily. These trucks keep the economy moving, they keep businesses with the supplies and equipment they need to operate, they also keep products from businesses moving as they sell locally and nationwide. While large multi-million dollars companies or businesses may move mass amounts of freight, enough to fill entire trailers or multiple trailers for full truckload services, some businesses may not have enough products to move or have delivered to justify the need for a full semi truck load. That’s where the partial truckload service or LTL freight comes into play. What is a partial truckload service? LTL or less than truckload service was designed to accommodate the smaller businesses using…
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  • Length, Width and Height, what are the dimensional limits on loads for flatbed trailers?

    Flatbed trucking rates & quotes
    When it comes to hauling freight across the United States one of the most popular trailers seen on the road is the flatbed trailer. This trailer is extremely versatile in its abilities to hauling obscure, oversized, and difficult to load and unload shipments with ease. What makes a flatbed trailer so great for loading and unloading? Essentially a flatbed trailer is a long flat deck trailer; it has no sides, no back, and no roof so it is completely open. This allows many different options available to load unload the trailer, the trailer can still be backed up a loading dock for freight to be loaded from the rear, but one of the most common tools used for freight is the forklift. The forklift has the ability to load and unload freight from the either side of the trailer or the rear of trailer. The use of the forklift is…
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