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Freight Quotes, Freight Rates
  • Length, Width and Height, what are the dimensional limits on loads for flatbed trailers?

    Flatbed trucking rates & quotes
    When it comes to hauling freight across the United States one of the most popular trailers seen on the road is the flatbed trailer. This trailer is extremely versatile in its abilities to hauling obscure, oversized, and difficult to load and unload shipments with ease. What makes a flatbed trailer so great for loading and unloading? Essentially a flatbed trailer is a long flat deck trailer; it has no sides, no back, and no roof so it is completely open. This allows many different options available to load unload the trailer, the trailer can still be backed up a loading dock for freight to be loaded from the rear, but one of the most common tools used for freight is the forklift. The forklift has the ability to load and unload freight from the either side of the trailer or the rear of trailer. The use of the forklift is…
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  • Excavator Hauling and Transportation Services

    Excavator Hauling
    Get the best Excavator Transportation & Hauling Rates in the industry! Excavators are a very important piece of equipment used in the construction industry, they have a boom arm, rubber or metal tracks depending on the size of the excavator. On the end of the boom arm there is an available assortment of buckets that can be used in digging holes or trenches during construction. Some of these excavators are so large that they require specialized trailers to transport them across the United States from job site to job site or for delivery of newly purchased equipment. Lets get into some of these different trucking types of trailers involved in regards to excavator transportation, and what their purpose might be.  One of the most common types of trailers used to transport large equipment like excavators is the low boy trailer, like a flat bed trailer the low boy has a long…
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