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  • Which Trucking Trailer is Right for My Shipment?

    Trucking Trailer for Shipment
    With the wide array of trucks and trailers used to haul freight, you may find yourself unsure which one will do the best job for your particular load.Every type of trailer is different than the next, and each is heavily dependent on the dimension and weight of your freight along with the specifications of the truck that will be pulling it.Here is a list of each type of trucking trailer along with their specifications:Flat Bed Trailers: These trailers are very versatile, and normally have freight loaded from the tip, sides, and rear. They are ideal for bulky and durable shipments, like equipment and wood.Dry Van and Enclosed Trailers: Dry van trailers are usually enclosed, and protect freight from the elements. They are perfect for cargo that is sensitive to the weather, such as non-perishable food items.Reefers (Refrigerated Trailers): Reefer trailers are temperature controlled and enclosed, making them perfect for shipments…
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  • Types of Ships Used to Carry Cargo

    Cargo Ships
    If you have an international shipment, you’ll choose to send it by sea or air. Both have their benefits and drawbacks. Sea shipping typically isn’t as fast as shipping by air, but it’s generally less expensive and its capacity is much greater. Shipping by air is on a tighter schedule, usually daily, so shipments typically get delivered on time, while sea shipments operate on a weekly schedule, so there’s more room for delays.If you decide sending your goods by sea is your best option, you’ll discover that there are many different types of ships that carry a variety of goods. If you’re new to the ocean shipping game, or to the shipping game in general, you may have some confusion when it comes to the type of carrier you’ll need.To help you better understand this industry, here are some of the most commonly used cargo ships:• Container Vessels: Container vessels…
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