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  • The Best Ways to Package Your Shipments

    ways-to-package- your-shipments
    When you’re shipping lots of goods, packaging them up can be incredibly time consuming. While some of us may be tempted to skimp and move the process along quicker, we should all do ourselves a favor and spend a few extra minutes properly preparing packages for shipment.Five or ten extra minutes of packaging will always pay off when your shipment arrives to its destination in perfect condition. Those five or ten minutes saved when you skimp on packaging will create nothing but headaches when your goods end up at their destination damaged.How you should package your shipment depends heavily on what you’re shipping. If you’re shipping a diesel engine, it won’t require the same attention as shipping an antique Tiffany glass lamp.Though Freight Rate Central only services shipments that are over 100 pounds, there are some general guidelines that can help you package your shipments regardless of their size or…
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  • How to Properly Ship an Engine

    Shipping an Engine
    Engine shipping has become ever more popular as people have began buying and trading auto and mechanical parts online. Not to mention, with the advances in auto technology, specific parts are required for specific makes and models that aren’t always readily available. Thanks to the shipping industry, you can get those parts delivered right to your door.At Freight Rate Central, we give you a number of options when you need to ship an engine, including: LTL, air cargo, truckload, and intermodal (different methods of transport used together to complete a shipment). We also ship a number of different engine types, including:• Automotive engines (both diesel and gas);• Heavy machinery, equipment engines, and tractor trailer engines;• Locomotive engines;• Model engines;• Marine engines (outboard motors, tugboat motors, and more); and• Aircraft and space propulsion engines.No matter what route you decide to use or the type of engine you’re shipping, it’s important to…
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