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  • The Day and Life of a Freight Truck Driver

    Freight Hauling
    A day in the life of a freight truck driver….                                     You may think being a truck driver is a thankless job, and in many ways, you are right! The crazy hours, insane traffic, and leaving your family for the open road isn’t for the faint of heart. Although the wicked cool landscapes, different types of freight I haul, being my own boss, and zoning out on my best playlists is what I was born to do... and nothing beats the look you get from big smiling kids as they are pumping their arms, and beckoning for you to honk your horn!Truck drivers get paid to travel the world, or our fine corner of it anyway! There’s nothing like a sunrise coming over the mountains as you make your way home! Empty load and pay check richer, I arrive home in time for breakfast. My kids would probably be tired of me…
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  • What is a Vented Van?

    Vented Van
    There are a wide, wide variety of truck and trailer types available for commercial and residential use. It’s quite easy to become overwhelmed if you don’t understand the function of each type of trailer, and choosing the wrong one could be detrimental to your goods, depending on their nature.Today, we’re focusing on the vented van, but first, let’s become familiar with a regular van.In the shipping industry, the term ‘van’ refers to the trailers we so commonly see attached to a semi truck. They are most commonly called ‘dry vans’, because they haul dry and usually non-perishable goods.Vans are one of the most useful tools in the shipping industry, due to the fact that they protect goods from the elements and can haul a wide variety of items.So how are vented vans different from regular vans? In reality, it’s pretty simple. Vented vans are vented in both the rear and…
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