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Freight Quotes, Freight Rates
  • Shipping on Flatbed Trailers

    Flatbed trucking rates & quotes
    More often than not, every time you drive down the highway you’ll see a number of flatbed trailers carrying shipments. That’s because flatbed trucks and trailers are an incredibly important and versatile part of the shipping industry.They can ship nearly anything, though they’re especially good for large cargo. Flatbed trailers are typically used for both large and wide items, as well as items that need to be unloaded from above, the side or rear, and using a ramp or crane.Most flatbed trailers are between 48’ and 53’ in length. The maximum width and height for cargo being transported by flatbed is 8’6’’ (though it can be expanded to 11’), and the most cargo can weigh is 48,000 pounds. The trailers can be straight across or articulated, and come in a variety of sizes.If your cargo is wider than the maximum 8’6’’, it will be classified as a wide load or…
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  • The Most Common Mistakes Made in Freight Shipping

    Freight Shipping Mistakes
    The Most Common Mistakes Made in Freight ShippingWhen you have a shipment, no matter how large or small, you want everything to go off without a hitch. Unfortunately, though, that isn’t always the case. Mistakes are part of being human, but being aware of the most common shipping mistakes can help you avoid them. Here are some of the most common mistakes made in freight shipping:Only relying on one carrier.Having business loyalties is great, but when it comes to shipping, you could be taking a risk. Your shipping needs could change over time, the company could downsize their operations, or your company could grow to more than they can handle.A much smarter approach is to use a third party, like Freight Rate Central, who works with multiple carriers to ensure your needs are always met — and at a fair price.Listing the wrong address.This is a simple mistake that can create…
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