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Freight Quotes, Freight Rates
  • Case shipping versus palletized freight

    Pallet Freight Rates
    When it comes to shipping your freight there are several factors to keep in mind, but the most important aspects of freight shipping that concern individuals and businesses the most are; freight delivery times, and that freight is transported safely.     Its not how fast we ship, but how well we ship fast! Ensuring your freight is transported safely and in a timely manner depends greatly upon how the shipper prepares and packages the shipment. What does this mean? A poorly packaged shipment can not only cause damage to the item being shipped as well as other items on board, but it can also cause delays in shipping times. When a shipment is improperly packaged, and if the shipment is not secured properly it may shift during transportation or during loading and unloading. Shifting loads can fall over causing damage, can loosen creating an unbalanced load and vibrations can cause damage to shipments. A…
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  • Different types of Pick-up / Delivery locations.

    pick-up location types
    Sometimes shipping services are required that have special pick-up or delivery locations, most typical deliveries are transferred from business to business. A business location is pretty self explanatory... but is it? Most business locations usually have a dedicated area of the building setup for deliveries; these can include loading docks, or large bay doors, making delivery and pick-up easier for large trucks. Sometimes deliveries and pick-ups are not as convenient for shipping companies but are an essential part of keeping business and freight moving in the shipping world. Some terms that are used to define these types of deliveries are residential shipping or non-commercial, limited access, and construction sites. The option for residential shipping works just as it sounds; a truck makes a pickup or delivery at a residential address or a typical home. Since not every house has a driveway or area suitable enough for a semi truck and trailer…
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