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Freight Quotes, Freight Rates
  • Different types of Pick-up / Delivery locations.

    pick-up location types
    Sometimes shipping services are required that have special pick-up or delivery locations, most typical deliveries are transferred from business to business. A business location is pretty self explanatory... but is it? Most business locations usually have a dedicated area of the building setup for deliveries; these can include loading docks, or large bay doors, making delivery and pick-up easier for large trucks. Sometimes deliveries and pick-ups are not as convenient for shipping companies but are an essential part of keeping business and freight moving in the shipping world. Some terms that are used to define these types of deliveries are residential shipping or non-commercial, limited access, and construction sites. The option for residential shipping works just as it sounds; a truck makes a pickup or delivery at a residential address or a typical home. Since not every house has a driveway or area suitable enough for a semi truck and trailer…
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  • Air Freight and Shipping Services!

    Air cargo quotes
    Airplanes have been used in freight shipping services since the early 1900's and quickly gained popularity as companies realized they could transport high value cargo much faster than using railroads or shipping companies. One great achievement of mankind was the invention of the airplane, being able to fly above roads, mountains, lakes and any other geographical obstacle gives you the ability to travel from one location to another in virtually a straight line! What better way to use this invention to transport cargo across vast distances. Using air cargo shipping services can drastically reduce shipment times; moving cargo across the country take several days using trucking services or train, but with the use of airplanes that time can be shortened to hours. Air transportation freight services usually works in conjunction with freight trucking services. A truck will transport the goods from the shipper to an airport for shipping, then the…
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