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Freight Quotes, Freight Rates
  • The forklift and the freight industry!

    forklift trucking
    Sometime when you think of freight being handled almost always you thing of the guys in the brown truck, stopping door to door delivering anywhere from a single box to several boxes before driving off to the next stop. Sometimes freight isn’t always shipped in a single box form, sometimes freight comes with several boxes in a palletized bundle for pickup, and these items can be bundled together from a giant box secured to a pallet, to several boxes secured together, or equipment and machinery. The great thing with this type of packaging is they slide together nicely in a truck providing easier securing of the cargo during transport. Now these loads can also become rather heavy and often require the use of a forklift for transportation. What is a forklift? A forklift is a powered industrial lift truck, the truck is powered by an engine or battery, the front…
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  • Trucking – Full & Partial Truckload Services

    Trucking Rates
    Do you ever stop to think about all the different trucking services available these days, and all they can provide for you or your business? Everyday thousands of trucks loaded with goods and supplies travel back and forth across the United States, these trucks provide us with every day essentials that we may take for granted. They keep companies supplied with products and machinery; they supply stores with food and produce. Without freight trucking services like these just the simplest thing like putting food on the table can become difficult, but that’s nothing to worry about because trucking services aren’t going anywhere. Trucks actually make up the largest portion of the freight shipping industry in the United States, that’s because trucks are great for transporting products safely and efficiently.  What kinds of trucking services are there? Well there are several different types of truck and trailer combinations available, some of…
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