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Freight Quotes, Freight Rates
  • Freight trucking in bad weather conditions

    Freight Shipping Services
    One of my favorite times of year is winter, snow covered mountains and trees, frozen lakes, and it’s amazing how snow can start with a small amount of falling flakes then overnight turn into a 3 foot blanket of snow covering the town. While the weather is amazing especially as a back drop for the holidays, it also makes for poor driving conditions for everybody, especially for today's truck drivers that must brave the cold, icy, and poor visibility conditions to make sure we have all the goods and services we need. Winter weather conditions combined with the busiest time of the year for shipping can slow down shipping times during the holidays. While these times may slow down, it never stops the hundreds of thousands of trucks on the road hauling produce, goods, equipment, and everything else needed for day to day business operations! Companies all across the United States…
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  • LTL Rates and Less Than Truckload quotes!

    LTL Quotes - Less than Truckload
    In the past, shipping for smaller businesses used to be an expensive cost of doing business. There are a vast number of small businesses that don’t ship freight in large quantities; this often meant shipping a small load on a large truck for the price of a large shipment. Freight prices changed dramatically for smaller businesses with a freight service called LTL shipping also known as Less Than Truckload shipping. What does this mean? It means a freight shipping company will combine multiple shipments from several companies into a single truckload, so now you have multiple businesses splitting the cost of a single truckload. This equals big savings for businesses; this has also benefited the shipping industry with an increase in shipping from these smaller businesses. Who provides these partial truckload services? There is only one choice when it comes to LTL or partial truckload services, that company is FRC Logistics,…
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