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  • What Is A Lowboy Trailer?

    specialzied trucking cost

    With all the different specialized trailers being pulled by freight transportation companies across the world, covering every stretch of road imaginable…. most likely you have seen your fair share of lowboy trailers (even though you may not have known it). A lowboy trailer, also known as a double drop, low loader, low-bed, or a float depending on what part of the world you are in, is a semi-trailer with a drop deck. A lowboy trailer has two drops in the deck, the first drop is right behind the gooseneck and the second drop is right before the wheels, this allows the trailer to sit extremely low to the ground. The drop in the trailer is designed to allow the ability to ship oversized items or equipment that exceeds normal height restrictions for transportation (which is typically any freight over 8′ high).


    Oversize load being hauled on a lowboy trailerA lowboy trailer is commonly used to haul heavy equipment and machinery, such as excavators, bulldozers, and other large construction equipment. The lowboy trailer is perfect for hauling large equipment like this because they are usually tall and wide and would exceed standard legal height and weight restrictions. The maximum weight for a two axle lowboy trailer is 40,000 pounds, but the weight limit can be increased up to 80,000 pounds total weight of trailer, and load depending on the number of axles required. The lowboy trailer is capable of handling loads with a maximum height of up to 14 feet tall. For dependable trucking services and equipment transportation, the lowboy trailer is essentially designed to transport oversized goods that often exceed the legal height requirements of transportation by a flatbed trailer.



    • Lowboys Maximum Dimensions:Lowboy Trailers - FRC logistics
      Maximum Lowboy Well Length- 24 ft – 29.6 ft
      Maximum Lowboy Well Height- 18 in – 24 in
      Maximum Legal Width- 8.5 ft
      Maximum Legal Freight Height- 11.5 ft – 12 ft
      Maximum Legal Overall Load Height- 14 ft


    • Lowboys Maximum overall weight is 40,000 pounds for a standard 2-axle Lowboy Trailer; but can take additional weight of up to 80,000 pounds depending on the number of axles the trailer possesses (weight of the trailer and weight of the load added together).