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  • 06 Jan 2017

    Shane Black worked diligently to get our shipment picked up when we needed it. FRC makes it easy to arrange a shipment and makes sure everything is running smoothly.

    Robin Wivell

  • 27 Dec 2016

    FRC has helped me complete three different shipments. Each has very specific requirements and each went off without a hitch.

    Aaron Jenkins

  • 18 Dec 2016

    Couldn't be happier with arrangements made for the shipment arrived as promised and quick to accommodated!

    Andrew Snyder

  • 09 Dec 2016

    FRC Logistics provided fast and friendly service for out company. I would recommend them for any logistics that you may have. Brett Acre B&B Excavating

    Brett Acre

  • 28 Oct 2016

    Excellent Service and the best time.

    Moises Fonz Villanueva

  • 21 Oct 2016

    From beginning to end we received perfect customer care. Easy to set up the truck for pick up and delivery. Delivered on time as stated they would. Will defiantly use this company again.

    Stephanie Guerrero

  • 17 Oct 2016

    The carrier picked up on Friday and wanted the destination to unload on a weekend. The destination was not us but a vendor we use. They had/opted to come into work on a Sunday at 6 am to unload. I was not pleased when I heard this and do expect I will have to pay for this service down the road when this van body is mounted on my truck. No issue with the broker, they did a great job and I understand they can't always control the O/O who gets the load.

    Dick Salanger

  • 15 Oct 2016

    Made pick up and hauling of a truck on a low boy seem straightforward.

    Bob Delbridge

  • 22 Sep 2016

    Shane was very helpful, and did a great job on securing a couple trucks! Cheap and fast service, no flaws! Thanks

    Justin T

  • 22 Sep 2016

    We use FRC because they are on point with deliveries and coordination of the orders.

    Eric Naioza

  • 09 Sep 2016

    Florida is the worst location to receive or send freight. I've dealt directly with 3 freight carriers and even with an account, my fees are sometimes greater than the product. FRC is litterally a one stop shop. Fast response, carrier was on time for pickup and delivery. I have found my freight solution, after 5 yrs trying! Thank you, FRC

    Harold Clark

  • 25 Mar 2016

    I am glad Shane was able to help me getting a RGN to transport a Catering truck from SFO to LAS, it was a last minute job and he got it for me. Took a lot of work, but he was able to have me covered.

    Diana Split

  • 10 Sep 2015

    It is Very Hard to impress the Hell out of Me, FRC Logistics Really Moved Their Asses on this Shipment, they Moved a Military LMTV M1078 from Lawton Oklahoma to 20 Miles South of San Antonio, thats roughly 450 Miles and the Vehicle is 22,500 LBS, it took Them less than 15 Hours from point of contact to drop off. They are on the Top of My list on Who to Call when i need Something shipped. Only Words that come to Mind, Impressive, Fast, Wow, just Wow. They Leave all the other Shipping Companies in Their Wake, just Wow.

    Frank Korbel

  • 31 Aug 2015

    My expereince thus far with FRC has been very positive. I had built a crate on a shipping pallet that needed to be picked up from my residence and sent cross country. Very easy to get a quote online, and customer service is great. They had a liftgate truck to my house the same day that they received the paperwork and I was good to go. I will continue to use them for my next less than truckload shipment.


  • 25 Aug 2015

    I definitely recommend FRC. Your truckload and ltl rates have always been very competitive, and you guys have never let me down. Keep up the good work!

    Kim Tracer

  • 20 Jul 2015

    I hired FRC Logistics to move two helicopters. I was promised two tractors with two expandable lowboy trailers that had at least 42 plus ft in the well and 18inches off the ground. These helicopters were 5.5 ft wide 42 ft long and almost 11 ft high. Guess what shows up.... a single drop trailer 40 inches off the deck! I had to reduce the height of the aircraft (6 man hours each) to get down to 15ft 1 inch. Truckers were awesome! My loads were delivered on time in prefect condition. FRC did take care of the additional permit cost. The irony of this was not only my additional time reducing the height and the truckers having to go a special route, but they were already hooked up the trailers I requested. Lesson learned... go to the trucking company directly! Trucking company gets 5 stars plus.

    John Haertsch

  • 29 Jun 2015


    Melissa Morr

  • 15 Jun 2015

    I just wanted to express how grateful I am to have found FRC for these last shipments and wish I would have known about them sooner. I was looking for a trucking company a couple weeks ago to transport some industrial equipment of mine to our satellite lot in Mira Loma. I've typically used Freight Quote for our ltl and full truckload shipmemts in the past, but the rates I got back for flatbeds and stepdecks were too high this go around. I didnt have a choice but to look around, but I am really glad that I did. Thats when i found FRC online in a google search I did for trucking rates. I ran some rates on their site and not only were the flatbed, and lowboy rates the lowest I came across, but you had availability. I've been told this a couple times already when it turned out that they didn't have a driver... but you guys had me 2 trucks the next day. I am still astonished by that! Ive been trying to get this equipment hauled back to me for at least 2 weeks now. Not only that but their trucking rates came back unreasonably high. I don't know what's going on with the flatbed industry now a days, but I am glad I found FRC. They really did save me on this one. They were very helpful, and I was able to stay under budget. I was dreading paying anything higher than $6k and they worked with me which I am very grateful for. I would suggest this trucking company to anyone. Thanks again guys, and you will be hearing from me very soon!!

    Tom Clark

  • 12 Jun 2015

    Although our consigner was difficult to work with and kept changing the ship date, the FRC representative Shane Black was very accommodating and when the equipment was finally ready to go he got a truck out there that night. He also helped us secure a forklift for the unloading of the equipment at our location. Shane made the process as painless as possible and because of my experience with him I would not hesitate to use your company again, or recommend you to others.

    Jill Lohmann

  • 02 Sep 2014

    On a monthly basis we ship several loads from locations throughout the U.S. to various seaports for our international partners and clients abroad. These are always time sensitive loads, as they have a ship to catch, and FRC has always went above and beyond to ensure our merchandise's arrival ahead of the deadlines. In the past we often used the cheapest companies we could find and on more than one occasion it cost us greatly (causing us to lose clients) just because we were trying to save a buck or two. FRC has extended us great savings in cost while always maintaining the utmost level of success and satisfaction so If you believe in the old saying "you get what you pay for" then we highly recommend FRC Logistics!

    Kevin Arnett

  • 30 Aug 2014

    Shane was very helpful and eager to make sure all was taken care of.

    Mark Farris

  • 27 Aug 2014

    Arranged pick up and delivery in a timely manor and at a great rate.

    Nate Delaney

  • 27 Aug 2014

    I had a great experience with FRC. Even though we had a minor hiccup in communication they worked quickly to resolve the issue. Customer service was always great. I would use them again.

    Candace Dunn

  • 25 Aug 2014

    Overall experience with FRC has been a favorable one. Service is reliable from booking transportation, to picking up and delivering the cargo, and finally to billing. FRC communicates well and looks for solutions in a timely manner.

    Lee W.

  • 25 Jul 2014

    Before contacting FRC we tried to find independent truckers to haul for us but had a very difficult time getting in touch with anyone. You'd think more people would want the work, but man! Either they don't answer the phone or the don't call you back. BUT, FRC made it much easier! The pricing was great and they worked really hard to make things happen as efficiently as possible. We had some delays on our shipments. Some were our fault, some were trucker related. We were trying to coordinate two shipments in two days and one delay caused another. However, Justin worked really hard to line everything up for us. He was always polite and helpful and was very accessible. (Easy to reach on the phone or by email) I know there were times he dreaded hearing my voice but he never showed it. A very professional guy. Thanks Justin!

    Elizabeth Blagg

  • 24 Jul 2014

    This is a great company to work with, competitive pricing and great customer service!


  • 17 Jul 2014

    We have only used Freight Center for point to point shipping and our account associate Shane is there when we need him.

    R.D. Fab

  • 14 Jul 2014

    Thank you for your excellent service! I would recommended to everyone.

    Joseph Reynoso

  • 20 Jun 2014

    Prompt service and on time delivery.

    Howard Clantz

  • 19 Jun 2014

    wonderful service

    Jacob Lavi

  • 19 Jun 2014

    I just started shipping LTL freight with my small business and found that it is very confusing and expensive. However the customer service rep explained each step and was very helpful throughout the process. I am already recommending them to my customers and friends.

    Shane O'Brien

  • 18 Jun 2014

    Easy to work with and great team! Honest, reliable and will go out of their way after hours to take care of my shipment to make sure it was delivered as promised!!

    freight moved

  • 18 Jun 2014

    Your company is reliable, friendly, helpful, and on time. Much better than other companies we have used in the past. I defiantly would recommend to other business,etc.

    Howard Perry

  • 04 Jun 2014

    We had no issues with our shipment and it arrived as expected.

    Lareina Saindon

  • 29 May 2014

    I don't know the entire company, but if everyone there is as helpful, persistent, and kind as my contact Shane Black, then FRC is a great company.

    Dominic Zuniga

  • 23 May 2014

    They are very knowledgeable, and thorough, helping to make our LTL shipping smoother and on time.

    Louie Addessi

  • 20 May 2014

    I found this great shipping company online. If you ever want to ship freight,,,use them. They are friendly and very helpful. They have awesome customer service.

    Missi Nelson

  • 19 May 2014

    One call to Shane and any shipment, no matter how remote of an area, will get moved without fail. Shane is easy to work with, and FRC has an abundance of drivers to choose from, to ensure that my shipment will ship, and arrive on time.

    Bob DeHerrera

  • 14 May 2014

    I can always count on FRC Logistics to take care of my shipments. Not only do I get vary good rates, but the staff there has to be just about the nicest, more pleasant , and helpful lot I have ever come across. My own company has a thing or two to learn from them. Always professional, polite, and they get the job done every time. You have my business for years to come!

    Randall L

  • 13 May 2014

    Had nothing but great experiences shipping with FRC Logistics, Very helpful and knowledgeable staff and i would recommend them to everyone

    Andres Vivanco

  • 09 May 2014

    Shane has helped our company each te we needed a pick up for our company and have us a great rate. It has been a pleasure doing business with him and this company.

    Irene (office mgr)

  • 07 May 2014

    I appreciate all that Shane did for us. I know that this was a frustrating situation for him considering he was not given the correct information in which to work with. He was steadfast in locating a truck for us and he kept his word in getting the shipment to us on time. When one source did not work out (this was late in the day) he came into work 2 hours early the next morning to ensure another truck made it on time. Totally dedicated and focused on getting the job done and done right. I will call Shane again on our next delivery. You cannot ask for anyone more dedicated than him.

    Gail Missildine

  • 06 May 2014


    Debra McVicker

  • 06 May 2014

    Evan thoigh I wasn't s major shipper, I was treated with respect anf helpfull painless service. Justin Phillips was very heipfull, and he led me thru t he process me feel like what I thought mattererd. Great experience! Thank you very much.

    Al Brockman

  • 06 May 2014

    After reviewing a number of shipping companies, I found FRC Logistics. Their site was easy to apply and personal service was excellent. I was always able to speak someone direct about my shipment. I was extremely pleased with the affordable pricing and I felt so confident dealing with them. They made a stressful situation for me extremely obtainable and totally pleased with the end result. I will only call this company for future shipments. Thanks again.

    L Greenan

  • 06 May 2014

    The company was completly professional. Did what they said they were gonig to do and did it very good.

    Nick Costa

  • 01 May 2014

    I was pleased with the set up and the delivery on my order and will use FRC again in my interstate shipping - price was fair - load was on time

    Ron Tucker

  • 01 May 2014

    I have always had a very pleasant shipping experience with FRC Logistics. We ship out 30-40 loads of wooden flooring to various locations in the midwest and northeast. Ive been working with FRC Logistics for around 8 months now and have always been able to count on them to transport our freight on time. I would definitely recommend them. Tom

    Thomas Mason